At Connection Events, we dare because we care

Connection Events specializes in designing services geared towards Video Game Industry professionals – from online solution for business meetings, hosting industry leading business events to providing experts training sessions and online resources.

Connection Events creates opportunities for international development and is supported by a network of high-profile market players from every segment of the production pipeline. Connection Event’s flagship services include Game Connection and Game Connection Master Classes.

  • Game Connection

    Game Connection is the business meeting solution for the Video Game Industry. It is a one-stop shop to meet face to face hundreds of targeted potential partners involved in all stages of the production pipeline, from the concept to the outsourcing, publishing, distribution and financing, in back-to-back 30-minute meetings.

  • Game Connection Master Classes

    Game Connection Master Classes have been designed for professionals in the video game industry who want to develop their skills through training and exchange with recognized experts in different disciplines: production, art, game design, programming and business. Master experts from around the world will conduct training on the main issues faced by the industry.