Tehran Game Convention

Tehran Game Convention is the greatest international B2B event in the video game industry in the Middle East. Attendance of tens of key speakers, 100+ companies, international publishers and 2300+ game developers from all over the world creates a great opportunity for the growth of game development and scaling of the market in Iran and in the region.

This event is held by the National Computer Games Foundation of Iran and the Game Connection of France.

Establishing a sustainable connection between active game developers in Iran and the Middle East, as well as the Northern Africa and international game developers from Europe and the Americas is of the main objectives of this event.

The properties of game development industry in Iran is very attractive to investors and active members of this industry. The existence of tens of game development companies as well as thousands of talented game developers and of course, more than 23 million gamers in Iran creates great opportunities for international publishers and investors to get to know the Iranian game market as well as to introduce high-quality Iranian games to international markets.

Access 2 billion people from the Gamistan region

  • 100 exhibitors
  • 2300+ gamer professionnals
  • 800 million gamers
  • 70+ speakers from 14 countries
  • 200 journalists from MENA & Gamistan